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Color workshop

September 2021

First color workshop! I loved painting with my friends and watching them build their paintings. Although we made a huge mess when the rain came, each one painted in his own way but respecting the rules of color mixtures and cold/warm contrasts. Much to paint and study. In painting you never stop learning. I hope to meet again soon.

Art exposition at Art Coffee Ajijic

December 2021

Taking the canvases out of the closet for the first time to expose them in a place with delicious coffee and very interesting people and good vibes. Art Coffee Ajijic located in the alley of art in this beautiful town close to the city. ​ Most of the works were sold, thanks for the support to continue my painting. :)

Captura de Pantalla 2022-01-11 a la(s) 19.16.55.png

Oil painting workshop: chromatic harmony

February 2022

Taking advantage of the good light and inspired by all the colors of the town of Ajijic, we review a little of color theory and used complementary colors to paint a still life. It is very inspiring to see each person develop their own style throughout the session :)

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