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I come from the warm waters of the mexican Pacific Ocean. Since 2018 I decided to learn to draw and paint so I bought my first set of oils and some grafitte pencils to start practicing. What started as a hobbie is now becoming my full time job thanks to the people that find my art interesting or eye catching and comes to me to buy one of my pieces.

Art teaches me to stay focused. It is my savior whenever I feel lost: music, painting or poetry always helps me healing. The fact that us as human can always learn something new is something that fills me with satisfaction, because every morning first conscious breath represents the beggining of the master class that is life. Every experience involves growth, even the negative ones that might involve inner and emotional chaos have some wise message behind. Through art I can be more in touch with myself by trying to acquire new skills, experiment with colors. Trying to follow new paths whenever I am feeling lost or going nowhere. It seems to be all about learning to shape your "self" to this matter reality, and think of your own life as your most precious art work.

"Soy ese animal que juega a ser Dios. Soy ese Dios tan buey que siempre tendrá algo de animal." ---


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